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Mujeeb Khan (founder and President of the academy), a post graduate from Mumbai University has been in dramatics for more than four decades. He is a writer-director, a selfless person who has squarely shouldered the responsibility to adapt, direct and stage one new play every week, a deed performed meticulously and sincerely by him. Having received acclaim in the form of awards for writing and directing during his school and college days, motivated him to carry on in this field. He also has written TV. Serials and films but continued with theatre as it helped in polishing his creativity. He has written and directed several plays on various social issues. To name some of them, are ‘MUNSIF’, ‘YEH BACHCHI KISKI’, ‘GUDIYA’, ‘MAT BAATIYE TRISHUL AUR TALWAR, BAATNA HAI TO BAATIYE THODASA PYAAR’, ‘BILQUIS BANO’, ‘IS DESH MEIN VIDYA BIKTI HAI’, ‘KYA KASOOR THA MEHER KA’, ‘KYUN LETE HO MAASOOMON KI JAAN’, ‘DHRUTA-EK MAASOOM BACHCHI’, ‘KANYADAAN’, ‘KYA IMRANA GUNEHEGAR HAI?’ ‘SAY NO TO DRUGS’, ‘BE POSITIVE ABOUT AIDS’, ‘AURAT BHI NA BACH PAAYEE AATANKWAD SE’, ‘ISSUES @ YOUTHPROBLEM.COM’, ‘MUMBAI YOU ARE JUST GREAT’, ‘AGA VARSHA AALI TUMCHI TAYAARI JHALI?’ ‘AB TO GANDHIGIRI CHALEGI BAPU’,’JUSTICE FOR JESSICA’, ‘ HATYA ATMA HATYA APHARAN ALVIDA 2006’, ‘ SADDAM HUSSEN KHABRON KE AAINE MEIN’, ‘ NITHARI KE NAAHE MASOOM BACCHE’,’MAA MUJHE MAT MAARO’, ‘AE BAS BAHUT HUAA,TERI TO’, ‘KASAB KA HO GAYA HISAAB’, ‘HUM ANNAJ NAHIN RUPAIYA KHAATE HAIN’.Besides every week Mr Mujeeb Khan was also a part of a TV show ‘Baatein Ankahi’

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